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KJV Reader (New!) Publisher's Description

KJV Reader
multiple Bible translations with color, Strong's Lexicon, Dual-Bibles, and more...

The best Bible Reader: easy to use, multiple Bible translations with color, Bible Text Highly Compressed, Multi Window Display, Strong's Lexicon, Dual-Bibles, Bible Comparisons, Sync-Scrolling, Dynamic-Verse-Updating, Snap-to-Verse, many format options, and more...

Supports Pocket PC 2002 and newer devices with 240x320 screen resolution. Requires about 250KB plus 1.8-2.7MB for each Bible. Download your full-featured 30 day evaluation version now!

KJV Reader features:
  • Full color support in a rich-text-format!
  • Christ's Words in red - KJV only!
  • Strong's numbers in navy - KJV only!
  • Cross References and Translator's footnotes in blue!
  • Verse numbers in olive!
  • Free King James Version Bible with Strongs Numbers & Dictionaries, others charge $24 or more!
  • Free Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, others charge $10 or more!
  • Free Jamieson Fausset Brown Bible Commentary!
  • Free Matthew Henry Bible Commentary, full version, others charge $10 or more for the concise version!
  • Resizable Fonts - adjust the text font sizes to your preference.
  • Easy to Use - quickly change to new verse!
  • Single or Double Tap - on a verse number or word to access Bible tools!
  • Multi Window Display - displays Bible, search results, or lexicon on screen at same time!
  • Dual Bible Mode - two separate bibles on screen!
  • Bible Comparisons - compare translations!
  • Sync Scrolling - lower Bible scrolls with main Bible!
  • Verse Scrolling - scrolling moves to next verse!
  • Bible Text Highly Compressed - conserves memory on PDA or memory card!
  • Memory Card Support - fully supports installation to memory card!
  • Easy Translation Change - quickly change translations!
  • User Customized Screen Formats - quickly show or hide Christ's Words in red, footnotes, paragraph marks, Strong's numbers, book titles, verse numbers, and extra space before Strong's!
  • BookMarks - support categories with sub-categories!
  • Browser Like History - forward and backward like a browser!
  • Double Tap Word Copy - easily copies word to clipboard!
  • Double Tap Verse Copy - easily copies verse to clipboard!
  • Tap-&-Hold Copy - easily copies selected text or current verse!
  • Dynamic Verse Updating - verse number updates while scrolling!
  • Snap-to-Verse - Bible text positions at the beginning of verse when scrolling!
  • Special Navigation Buttons - forward or backward by book or chapter!
  • Split Button Technology - more functionality on menubar!
  • Title Bar over Bible Window - title bar over Bible window, removable!
  • Special Navigation Buttons - forward or backward by book or chapter!
  • Adjustable Word Search Depth - adjust depth of search!
  • Drop Down Word List - search word shows in drop down list as word is typed!
  • Word Proximity Search - finds words close to each other!

  • KJV Reader works on VGA screens.
  • More text modules to be added soon, registered users receive new non-copyrighted modules for FREE!
With KJV Reader you get:
  • Free King James Version Bible - with red lettering, Strong's, footnotes, translator's preface!
  • Free American Standard Version Bible - with footnotes, translator's preface!
  • Free Greek and Hebrew Lexicons - Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and Thayer's Greek lexicons!
  • Free Cross Reference - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge over 572,000 entries!
  • Free Commentaries - Matthew Henry Bible and Jamieson Fausset Brown Bible Commentaries, cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelations
  • Free updates - all upgrades are free for registered users!
  • Fast support - we provide superior support to each of our customers!

  • New American Standard Bible (NASB) Available for Purchase - with red lettering, Strong's, footnotes, and NASEC cross-references!
  • New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance Available for Purchase!
  • Additional Bibles and Dictionaries Planned!
KJV Reader Text Modules:

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